Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



EAN number  3165143955086
Wear Warning Contact  with integrated wear sensor
Height (mm)  66
Height 2 (mm)  71,4
Width 2 (mm)  156,4
Width 1 (mm)  155,2
Thickness (mm)  20,4
Thickness 2 (mm)  20,6
Test Mark  ECE-R90
Material  Low-Metallic
Brake System  ATE
Product number  HRUA-BP3165007
Skoda  Fabia, Octavia
Audi  TT, A3, A1
Seat  Altea, Toledo, Leon, Ibiza
EAN number  4059191451333
Spanner Size  16
External Thread (mm)  14
Thread Length (mm)  19
Spark Position (mm)  3
Thread Pitch (mm)  1,25
Electrode Gap (mm)  0,9
Tightening Torque (Nm) 28
Number of pins  1
Tightening angle (degrees)  90
Product number  HRAU-SP4059011
Audi  A4, A6
Cadillac  CTS
Chery  M11(A3)
Chevrolet  Cruze, Nubira
OEM number  457 200 11 70
Product number  HRMB-GP4572249
Mercedes-Benz  Actros, Antos, Arocs, Axor
OEM number  442 200 07 70
Product number  HRMB-GP4422250
Mercedes-Benz Axor
Scania 3-Series
OEM number  A0040941704
Product number  HRMB-AF0043068
Mercedes-Benz  Tourismo
OEM number  51958007396
Product number  HRMA-GP5195259
MAN 19, TGA, TGS, TGX, F 2000, F (F7/F8/F9/F90)
OEM number  51958007435
Product number  HRMA-GP5195260
MAN LE/ L 2000, M 2000, TGA, TGL, TGM, TGS, TGX
EAN number  4006633269322
Wear Warning Contact  with acoustic wear warning
Height (mm)  53,0
Width (mm)  133,0
Thickness (mm)  17,5
Brake System  Sumitomo
Product number  HRTO-BP4006008
Toyota  RAV4, Corolla, Celica, Picnic, Camry
EAN number  4013790900319
Lamp Type  Festoon lamp
Voltage (V)  12
Rated Power (W)  10
Socket Type   SV8,5
Lamp Shape  T10,5x38
Packing Type  Box
Product number  HRFT-LP4013018
BMW  7
Chevrolet  Lacetti, Nubira, Tacuma
Daewoo Nubira, Lanos, Leganza, 
Fiat Bravo
Honda CR-V
Hyundai  Sonata, Grandeur
OEM number  8E6259
Product number  HRCT-SC8E62032
Cat 320
OEM number A4420501701
Product number HRMB-CS4420288
Mercedes-Benz O,403, MK, SK, NG, Setra
OEM number  3037179
Product number  HRVL-ET3032580
OEM number  3031068
Product number  HRVL-RH3032612


OEM number  9516935
Product number  HRVL-RH9512613



OEM number  3030439
Product number  HRVL-RH3032614


OEM number  1012005-X2
Product number  HRBW-OF1012597
OEM number 4102-02-16-1
Product number HRBW-CS4102598
BAW Haice bus
OEM number  006 820 93 41
Product number  HRMB-WR0068103
Mercedes-Benz  Travego


OEM number  81326556206
Product number  HRMA-SC8133531
MAN  Fortuna
OEM number  81326556213
Product number  HRMA-SC8133532
MAN  Fortuna