Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part




EAN number  4059191682362
Water pump impeller material  Metal
Pulleys  without belt pulley
Operating Mode  Mechanical
Impeller Diameter (mm)  62
Number of mounting bores  4
Number of Wings  6
Material  Cast Aluminium
Product number  HRHY-WP4059014
Hyundai  Lantra, Coupe, Matrix, Elantra, i30, Trajet
KIA Carens, Cerato, Ceed, Sportage, ProCeed
EAN number  8592779036226
Product number  HRFR-CS8592021
Ford  Fiesta, Focus, B-Max, EcoSport, Tourneo Connect, Transit, Tourneo Courier
OEM number HRJP-CS6814770
Product number HRJP-CS6814770
JEEP Grand-cherokee
OEM number  LR032723
Product number  HRLR-CH0327802
Land Rover  Discovery




Place of Origin  China
Product Name  Connecting rod 
Product OEM code  YZJ30523014
Quality  High-Quality
Size  Standard
Product Code  HRFO-CRYZJ3010
Ford  Transit, Tourneo
Manufacturer China
EAN number 10C0504-JPN
Product number HRKA-WP10CO013
Hyundai Accent, Elantra, Matrix, Coupe, Getz
KIACerato, Rio
EAN number 4052434092300
Material Cast Iron
Product number HRFT-CS4052022
Fiat Ducato
OEM number 4G0199381NT
Product number HRAU-EM4G01580
Audi A6
OEM number 4G0199381LE
Product number HRAU-EM4G01581
Audi A6
OEM number 06E103148AR
Product number HRAU-GK06E1582
Audi A6
OEM number 06D109611H
Product number HRAU-EV06D1583
Audi A6
OEM number 06E107065EC
Product number HRAU-PS06E1584
Audi Q7, A7, A8
OEM number  06E107066EC
Product number  HRAU-PS06E1585
Audi  Q7, A7, A8
OEM number 12311433266
Product number HRBM-GT1231609
BMW 7 seriya, 5 seriya
OEM number 12578515
Product number HRBK-CP1257614
Buick LaCrosse
OEM number 12618798
Product number HRBK-FI1261616
Buick LaCrosse
OEM number 55566784
Product number HRBK-OR5556619
Buick Encore
OEM number 12666331
Product number HRBK-OP1266622
Buick LaCrosse, Regal
OEM number 473QA1025030
Product number HRBY-TS473Q627
OEM number 6A-3610100
Product number HRBY-EC6A25631