Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



EAN number  3165143955086
Wear Warning Contact  with integrated wear sensor
Height (mm)  66
Height 2 (mm)  71,4
Width 2 (mm)  156,4
Width 1 (mm)  155,2
Thickness (mm)  20,4
Thickness 2 (mm)  20,6
Test Mark  ECE-R90
Material  Low-Metallic
Brake System  ATE
Product number  HRUA-BP3165007
Skoda  Fabia, Octavia
Audi  TT, A3, A1
Seat  Altea, Toledo, Leon, Ibiza
OEM number  457 200 11 70
Product number  HRMB-GP4572249
Mercedes-Benz  Actros, Antos, Arocs, Axor
OEM number  442 200 07 70
Product number  HRMB-GP4422250
Mercedes-Benz Axor
Scania 3-Series
OEM number  A0040941704
Product number  HRMB-AF0043068
Mercedes-Benz  Tourismo
OEM number  51958007396
Product number  HRMA-GP5195259
MAN 19, TGA, TGS, TGX, F 2000, F (F7/F8/F9/F90)
OEM number  51958007435
Product number  HRMA-GP5195260
MAN LE/ L 2000, M 2000, TGA, TGL, TGM, TGS, TGX
EAN number  4006633269322
Wear Warning Contact  with acoustic wear warning
Height (mm)  53,0
Width (mm)  133,0
Thickness (mm)  17,5
Brake System  Sumitomo
Product number  HRTO-BP4006008
Toyota  RAV4, Corolla, Celica, Picnic, Camry
OEM number  8E6259
Product number  HRCT-SC8E62032
Cat 320
OEM number  A4420501701
Product number  HRMB-CS4420288
Mercedes-Benz  O,403, MK, SK, NG, Setra
OEM number  3037179
Product number  HRVL-ET3032580
OEM number  3031068
Product number  HRVL-RH3032612


OEM number  9516935
Product number  HRVL-RH9512613



OEM number  3030439
Product number  HRVL-RH3032614


OEM number  1012005-X2
Product number  HRBW-OF1012597
OEM number  4102-02-16-1
Product number  HRBW-CS4102598
BAW  Haice bus
OEM number  81326556206
Product number  HRMA-SC8133531
MAN  Fortuna
OEM number  81326556213
Product number  HRMA-SC8133532
MAN  Fortuna
OEM number  81326556208
Product number  HRMA-SC8133533
MAN  Fortuna


OEM number  000 477 13 02
Product number  HRMB-SA0004149
Mercedes-Benz  Atego, Citaro, Actros, Axor, Tourismo, Integro, Travego
OEM number  000 090 60 50
Product number  HRMB-PF0000154
Mercedes-Benz  O-Series, Axor, Actros
MAN 32.270