Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



OEM number  125 110 37
Product number  HRZM-PS1251016
Zoomlion  Excavator
OEM number  102 010 338 2
Product number  HRZM-CC1021020
Zoomlion  ZE205E


OEM number  0630-229
Product number  HRAC-TS0631039
Arctic Cat  Crossfire 600, Crossfire 800
OEM number  4339754
Product number  HRTH-PS4331051
Tata-Hitachi  EX100-3, EX100-2, EX200-3, EX400-3
OEM number  4339559
Product number  HRTH-DS4331052
Tata-Hitachi  EX200-1, EX200-2, EX200-3, EX200-5
OEM number  SP129426
Product number  HRLG-FS1291079
LiuGong  CLG856


OEM number  30B0081
Product number  HRLG-TS3001084
LiuGong  Mini
OEM number  AT310584
Product number  HRJD-SV3101087
John Deere  Excavator
OEM number  09617360017
Product number  HRXC-PS0961100
XCMG  Excavator
OEM number  6309311
Product number  HRBC-EV6309918
Bobcat  S150, S160
OEM number  6674315
Product number  HRBC-OS6674919
Bobcat  S160, S185/H, S220, S330, S550, S650, S770


OEM number  6718414
Product number  HRBC-TS6718921
Bobcat  S130, S330, T2250


OEM number  F0616690
Product number  HRHM-SS0611639


OEM number  040 202 624
Product number  HRBO-RH0402924
Bomag  BM1000/1200/1300/35


OEM number  5767055
Product number  HRBO-WS5767925
Bomag  BM1000/1200/1300/35


OEM number  A10VO28DR
Product number  HRBO-PP1028926
Bomag  BM1000/1200/1300/35
OEM number  58861626
Product number  HRBO-US5886927
Bomag  S1900


OEM number  LL001140
Product number  HRCS-SV0011661
Case  CX330
OEM number  84374767
Product number  HRCS-TC8431662
Case  SR-SV Skid Steer


OEM number  119131-77011
Product number  HRHC-ST1191940
Hitachi  ZX870