Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



EAN number  01EFA140
Filter type  Filter Insert
Length (mm)  364
Width (mm)  185
Height (mm)  49
Product number  HRAU-AF0114001
Volkswagen  Golf, Bora, Polo
Seat  Toledo, Leon
Skoda  Octavia


EAN number  3165143955086
Wear Warning Contact  with integrated wear sensor
Height (mm)  66
Height 2 (mm)  71,4
Width 2 (mm)  156,4
Width 1 (mm)  155,2
Thickness (mm)  20,4
Thickness 2 (mm)  20,6
Test Mark  ECE-R90
Material  Low-Metallic
Brake System  ATE
Product number  HRUA-BP3165007
Skoda  Fabia, Octavia
Audi  TT, A3, A1
Seat  Altea, Toledo, Leon, Ibiza
EAN number  2238184607100
Filter type  Air Recirculation Filter
Shape  Pentagonal
Length (mm)  197
Width 2 (mm)  165
Height (mm)  69
Width 1 (mm)  162
Product number  HRAU-AF2238003
Audi  A3
Ford  Fiesta, B-Max, Ecosport
Suzuki  SX4
Opel  Insignia
KIA Sorento
EAN number  2218515501954
Filter type  Filter Insert
Height (mm)  104
Inner diameter 2 (mm)  21, 32
Diameter (mm)  65
Product number  HRAU-OF2218004
Audi  A3, A4, Q7, Q5
Ford  Transit, Zephyr
Baic  X35
EAN number  4059191424795
Rated Power (W)  70
Diameter (mm)  277
Number of fan blades  6
Voltage (V)  12
Heating/Cooling  Single Fan
Number of pins  3
Operating voltage (V) 12
Product number  HRAU-RF4059020
Audi  100, 80, 90, Coupe, 50, Quattro
Seat Ibiza, Cordoba
Vokswagen  Polo, Passat, Scirocca, Golf, Jetta
OEM number  4G0199381NT
Product number  HRAU-EM4G01580
Audi  A6
OEM number  4G0199381LE
Product number  HRAU-EM4G01581
Audi  A6
OEM number  06E103148AR
Product number  HRAU-GK06E1582
Audi  A6
OEM number  06D109611H
Product number  HRAU-EV06D1583
Audi  A6
OEM number  06E107065EC
Product number  HRAU-PS06E1584
Audi  Q7, A7, A8
OEM number  06E107066EC
Product number  HRAU-PS06E1585
Audi  Q7, A7, A8