Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



OEM number A00052229
Product number HRBI-FAA000586
Baic X35
OEM number 113103012
Product number HRBI-FH1131587
Baic Senova, E-series
OEM number 112904020
Product number HRBI-BB1129588
Baic E150, D20, X25
OEM number  128416822
Product number  HRBI-BP1284589
Baic  BJ40, BJ80
OEM number A00089006
Product number HRBI-FBA000590
Baic X3
OEM number M00000983
Product number HRBI-CPM000591
Baic X55, BJ20
OEM number B00008017
Product number HRBI-BDB000592
Baic BJ40
OEM number A00098443
Product number HRBI-BPA000593
Baic X3
OEM number A00013880
Product number HRBI-BPA000594
Baic Senova D70
OEM number A00083296
Product number HRBI-FFA000595
Baic X7