Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



OEM number  6667322
Product number  HRBC-DB6667914
Bobcat  S175/H, S185/H, S205, T140, T180
OEM number  6670506
Product number  HRBC-WP6670915
Bobcat  Excavator, S320


OEM number  PVD-0B-12P-5AG-4461A
Product number  HRBC-HP0125916
Bobcat  Excavator
OEM number  6674401
Product number  HRBC-HL6674917
Bobcat  S175/H, S185/H, S205, S320, S330
OEM number  6309311
Product number  HRBC-EV6309918
Bobcat  S150, S160
OEM number  6674315
Product number  HRBC-OS6674919
Bobcat  S160, S185/H, S220, S330, S550, S650, S770


OEM number  6735884
Product number  HRBC-BT6735920
Bobcat  Kubota
OEM number  6718414
Product number  HRBC-TS6718921
Bobcat  S130, S330, T2250


OEM number  6689642
Product number  HRBC-HM6689922
Bobcat  Excavator
OEM number  70247060
Product number  HRBC-AF7024923
Bobcat  Kubota