Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



EAN number  4059191451333
Spanner Size  16
External Thread (mm)  14
Thread Length (mm)  19
Spark Position (mm)  3
Thread Pitch (mm)  1,25
Electrode Gap (mm)  0,9
Tightening Torque (Nm) 28
Number of pins  1
Tightening angle (degrees)  90
Product number  HRAU-SP4059011
Audi  A4, A6
Cadillac  CTS
Chery  M11(A3)
Chevrolet  Cruze, Nubira
EAN number  2218515501954
Filter type  Filter Insert
Height (mm)  104
Inner diameter 2 (mm)  21, 32
Diameter (mm)  65
Product number  HRAU-OF2218004
Audi  A3, A4, Q7, Q5
Ford  Transit, Zephyr
Opel  Kadett
OEM number  F01R00A024
Product number  HRCR-ICF01R652
Chery  Q22


OEM number  FOIR00Y014
Product number  HRCR-TVFOIR653
Chery  A5, A21
OEM number  H00-3605010BE
Product number  HRCR-ECH003654
Chery  A5, A21
OEM number  89465-22270
Product number  HRCR-OS8946655
Chery  A5, A21
OEM number  T11-2905020
Product number  HRCR-FAT112656
Chery  Tiggo (T11)
OEM number  481H-1003080
Product number  HRCR-GH481H657
Chery  Tiggo (T11)
OEM number  A21-3501050BA
Product number  HRCR-BCA213658
Chery  A5, Fora(A21), Vortex, Estina
OEM number  201000006AA
Product number  HRCR-SR2010659
Chery  Tiggo 8
OEM number  T11-3600030
Product number  HRCR-CMT113660
Chery  Tiggo (T11)
OEM number  L-05H21-0077-00
Product number  HRCR-CRL05H661
Chery  A3