Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



EAN number  2238184607100
Filter type  Air Recirculation Filter
Shape  Pentagonal
Length (mm)  197
Width 2 (mm)  165
Height (mm)  69
Width 1 (mm)  162
Product number  HRAU-AF2238003
Audi  A3
Ford  Fiesta, B-Max, Ecosport
Suzuki  SX4
Opel  Insignia
KIA Sorento
EAN number 4059191176991
Operating Mode Electric
Flow rate (l / h) 100
Pressure (bar) 3.3
Fitting Position  in fuel tank
Voltage (V) 12
Diameter (mm) 38, IN :10 OUT :9
Overall Length (mm) 115
Product number HRDA-FP4059015
Daewoo Lanos
Fiat Bravo, Marea, Coupe
Honda Civic, Accord, Legend, CRX, Accord, Integra
EAN number  4013790900319
Lamp Type  Festoon lamp
Voltage (V)  12
Rated Power (W)  10
Socket Type   SV8,5
Lamp Shape  T10,5x38
Packing Type  Box
Product number  HRFT-LP4013018
BMW  7
Chevrolet  Lacetti, Nubira, Tacuma
Daewoo Nubira, Lanos, Leganza, 
Fiat Bravo
Honda CR-V
Hyundai  Sonata, Grandeur
OEM number 50406-MKF-D40
Product number HRHN-AM5040058
Honda CBR1000
OEM number 11321-MKF-A00
Product number HRHN-CE1132059
Honda CBR1000
OEM number 14210-MKF-D40
Product number HRHN-CT1421060
Honda CBR1000
OEM number 12100-MGP-000
Product number HRHN-CR1210061
Honda CBR1000
OEM number 12010-MKF-D40
Product number HRHN-CH1201062
Honda CBR1000
OEM number 77100-MKF-D41
Product number HRHN-ST7710063
Honda CBR1000
OEM number 50530-MKF-D40
Product number HRHN-SS5053064
Honda CBR1000
OEM number 31200-MFL-003
Product number HRHN-SR3120065
Honda CBR1000
OEM number 30700-MFL-003
Product number HRHN-IC3070066
Honda CBR1000
OEM number 16400-MKF-L21
Product number HRHN-TB1640067
Honda CBR1000
OEM number 19200-MFL-305
Product number HRHN-WP1920068
Honda CBR1000