Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



OEM number  V739100110
Product number  HRKW-FP7391030
Kawasaki  Z1000, ZR1000
OEM number  49040-7001
Product number  HRKW-FP4901031
Kawasaki  KLX110
OEM number  21066-0027
Product number  HRKW-VR2101032
Kawasaki  Ninja 250R, EX250
OEM number  13216-S010
Product number  HRKW-GS1321033
Kawasaki  KSF400, KFX400, KLX400, KLX400R, KLX400SR
OEM number  11008-3710
Product number  HRKW-CH1100082
Kawasaki  JET SKI ULTRA 310X


OEM number 11005-0630
Product number HRKW-CE1100083
Kawasaki JET SKI ULTRA 310X
OEM number 13001-0755
Product number HRKW-PR1300084
Kawasaki JET SKI ULTRA 310X
OEM number 12004-1154
Product number HRKW-VI1200085
Kawasaki JET SKI ULTRA 310X
OEM number 59255-0001
Product number HRKW-SC5925086
Kawasaki JET SKI ULTRA 310X