Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



EAN number  4046001324086
Filter type  Spin-on Filter
Height (mm)  111,5
Diameter (mm)  76
Thread Size  M 16 X 1,5
Thread Size Exit  M 16 X 1,5
Inner diameter 2 (mm)  62, 71
Weight (kq)  0,3585
Packaging width (cm)  8,8
Packaging height (cm)  11,5
Packaging Depth (cm)  8,8
Product number  HRFT-OF4046006
Fiat  Tipo, Brava, Bravo, Marea
Nissan  Micra 
Opel  Arena
Peugeot  106
Renault  Laguna, Master
EAN number  4059191176991
Operating Mode  Electric
Flow rate (l / h)  100
Pressure (bar)  3.3
Fitting Position   in fuel tank
Voltage (V)  12
Diameter (mm)  38, IN :10 OUT :9
Overall Length (mm)  115
Product number  HRDA-FP4059015
Daewoo  Lanos
Fiat  Bravo, Marea, Coupe
Honda  Civic, Accord, Legend, CRX, Accord, Integra
EAN number  4013790900319
Lamp Type  Festoon lamp
Voltage (V)  12
Rated Power (W)  10
Socket Type   SV8,5
Lamp Shape  T10,5x38
Packing Type  Box
Product number  HRFT-LP4013018
BMW  7
Chevrolet  Lacetti, Nubira, Tacuma
Daewoo Nubira, Lanos, Leganza
Fiat Bravo
Honda CR-V
Hyundai  Sonata, Grandeur
OEM number  32A17-00100
Product number  HRMS-PS3217826
Mitsubishi  S4S


OEM number  MT22030811
Product number  HRMS-RH2203827
Mitsubishi  L200
OEM number  S4430-E0340
Product number  HRMS-AD4430828
Mitsubishi  Fuso
OEM number  F01R065906
Product number  HRMS-CV0106829
Mitsubishi  Lancer
OEM number  ME037709
Product number  HRMS-WP0377830
Mitsubishi  Forklift


OEM number  QC000001
Product number  HRMS-AF0000831
Mitsubishi  Canter
OEM number  MK321338
Product number  HRMS-BD3213832
Mitsubishi  Canter