Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



EAN number  4009026877944
Filter type  Filter Insert
Height (mm)  115,0
Inner diameter 2 (mm)  31
Diameter (mm)  64,2
Inner diameter 3 (mm)  31,4
Packaging height (cm)  12,00
Packaging length (cm)  7,5
Packaging width (cm)  7,50
Net Weight (g)  73,0
Product number  HRCD-OF4009005
Cadillac  CTS, STS, SRX 
Porsche  Macan
KIA  Carnival
Chevrolet  Cruze, Camaro
OEM number  97010640202
Product number  HRPS-CH9701851
Porsche  Panamera


OEM number  95B941077J
Product number  HRPS-HL9594852
Porsche  Macan


OEM number  90048-51196
Product number  HRPS-IC9004853
Porsche  911


OEM number  97033104700
Product number  HRPS-CA9703854
Porsche  Panamera
OEM number  95810603330
Product number  HRPS-WP9581855
Porsche  Cayenne, Macan, Panamera


OEM number  95863117301
Product number  HRPS-HL9586856
Porsche  Cayenne


OEM number  95B805594
Product number  HRPS-CB9580857
Porsche  Macan


OEM number  95535140161
Product number  HRPS-BD9553858
Porsche  Cayenne
OEM number  8K0819439B
Product number  HRPS-AF8081859
Porsche  Macan