Type Of Vehicle

Type of Spare Part



EAN number  2238184607100
Filter type  Air Recirculation Filter
Shape  Pentagonal
Length (mm)  197
Width 2 (mm)  165
Height (mm)  69
Width 1 (mm)  162
Product number  HRAU-AF2238003
Audi  A3
Ford  Fiesta, B-Max, Ecosport
Suzuki  SX4
Opel  Insignia
KIA Sorento
EAN number  4006633269322
Wear Warning Contact  with acoustic wear warning
Height (mm)  53,0
Width (mm)  133,0
Thickness (mm)  17,5
Brake System  Sumitomo
Product number  HRTO-BP4006008
Toyota  RAV4, Corolla, Celica, Picnic, Camry
OEM number  16600-KA340
Product number  HRMZ-FI1660817
Mazda  2
Subaru  Stella
Toyota  Camry


OEM number  17801-21040
Product number  HRTO-AF1781298
Toyota  Prius
OEM number  17801-37020
Product number  HRTO-AF1781299
Toyota  Prius
OEM number  90919-01210
Product number  HRTO-SP9091575
Toyota  Camry
OEM number  90919-01253
Product number  HRTO-SP9092678
Toyota  Prius
OEM number  04152-37010
Product number  HRTO-OF0411297
​Toyota  Prius, Prius α / v / +, Corolla, Matrix
OEM number  31420-0K012
Product number  HRTO-CM3142891
Toyota  Auris, Corolla


OEM number  90915-YZZE2
Product number  HRTO-OF9091892
Toyota  Camry, Corolla
OEM number  35330-60010
Product number  HRTO-TF3533893
Toyota  Land Cruiser, Prado
OEM number  51201-12431
Product number  HRTO-FB5120894
Toyota  Corolla


OEM number  23100-11080
Product number  HRTO-FP2310895
Toyota  Corolla


OEM number  12101-37010
Product number  HRTO-OC1210896
Toyota  Corolla
OEM number  1788220161
Product number  HRTO-AH1788897
Toyota  Camry