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Type Of Ban

Type of Spare Part



OEM number A00089006
Product number HRBI-FBA000590
Baic X3
OEM number A00098443
Product number HRBI-BPA000593
Baic X3
OEM number A00013880
Product number HRBI-BPA000594
Baic Senova D70
OEM number A00083296
Product number HRBI-FFA000595
Baic X7
OEM number SA3EA-2803112
Product number HRBY-BPSA3E628
BYD Song
OEM number  1800336180
Product number  HRGE-DH1800718
Geely  CK (Otaka)
OEM number  7414N9
Product number  HRPG-BP7414848
Peugeot  206
OEM number  57731XC02A
Product number  HRSB-LC5773883
Subaru  Ascent
OEM number  57704SJ010
Product number  HRSB-FB5770885
Subaru  Forester


OEM number  52119-52K90
Product number  HRFW-FB5211935
FAW  Vita, DLX
OEM number  4404FBX4
Product number  HRLB-BK4401021
Lamborghini  Murzielago
OEM number  ML-PZJ022-PRO-DZW
Product number  HRLB-FL0221023
Lamborghini  Huracan
OEM number  6J4831055
Product number  HRST-DR6481114
Seat  Ibiza


OEM number  1Z0955985
Product number  HRSK-WW1095866
Skoda  Octavia
OEM number  8200761565
Product number  HRRN-SB8200861
Renault  Megane, Scenic
OEM number  51201-12431
Product number  HRTO-FB5120894
Toyota  Corolla


OEM number  2803108XS56XA
Product number  HRGW-LT2803734
Great Wall  Hover M4